Pipeline Rehabilitation Services in El Paso, TX & Tucson, AZ

Trenchless technology is fast becoming the most "state of the art" way to replace existing underground pipe.


"Perma-lining" material is made of polyester felt with an outer coating of polyurethane. The liner is impregnated with a liquid resin chosen to suit the working environment of the pipe.

The liner is then inverted through the pipe opening, pushing the resin side tightly against the host pipe to insure a uniform fit. The "Perma-liner" is then reinstated for immediate use.

The life of the newly lined pipe is 50 years!!


Bio Remedies offers still another new and exciting method of replacing existing underground pipe, of the same or larger diameter, by digging small entry and exit holes at the beginning and the end of the damaged pipe.

A steel cable is then pulled through the existing pipe and a splitting wedge is attached to the steel cable at the entry hole. The hydraulic puller is attached to the exit hole and the power supply pulls the new pipe through the damaged pipe - all underground.

Bio Remedies uses Polyethylene pipe exclusively for your home sewer. Because of its unique properties and flexibility, it will not corrode or be harmed by chemicals.



  • More cost effective than digging
  • Eliminates root problems completely
  • Saves your landscaping
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards (ASTM F 1216, NSF-14)
  • Environmentally safe
  • Guaranteed
  • No Digging!! No Digging!! No Digging!!

This is an example of the hole necessary for pipe lining.


Ten minutes before this picture was taken, the sewer running the length of this rock path was completely replaced!

Sectional Point Repair

Lining your entire line may not be the answer. With our Sectional Point Repair system we can repair just a section of your sewerline and it may be possible to do it without any downtime. Our product is pulled into place through an access in the pipe and are ambient cured in 3 hours or heat cured in as little as 1 1/2 hours.

Epoxy Pipe Coating

Some piping is in good enough condition that it just needs a good cleaning, but what happens over time? The build up that was just removed will return and again cause you to have problems with your sewer system. Our Picote Coating System is a simple, fast and practical coating system for drain and sewer restoration.