Perma-Patch Lateral Spot Repair Restores Cracks Seamlessly

Perma-Patch Lateral Spot Repair Restores Cracks Seamlessly

This system is used for interior and exterior repairs

Bio Remedies can instantly fix a damaged pipe with lateral spot repair. Perma-Patch is part of a new restorative system used to patch walls, holes and cracks. Its efficiency makes it an ideal product to use for repairing pipes. It's made with fiberglass and pure epoxy resin for a smooth finish. Using a specialized instrument, the mixture is administered, centered and pressed on the damaged area. Once it dries, the pipe is restored back to its original state.

Perma-Patch lateral spot repair is part of our trenchless drainline services. This noninvasive treatment is ideal for repairing any damaged areas of your home or office. Call us today to see this new technology for yourself.

Why choose Perma-Patch?

Why choose Perma-Patch?

Using asphalt or other mixtures requires labor-intensive installation and extended drying periods. With Perma-Patch, you can expect a quick turnaround with desired results. We suggest using Perma-Patch for your lateral spot repair because:

  • It’s long-lasting and durable
  • It doesn’t damage landscaping
  • Hammers or drills aren’t required
  • It’s IAPMO-approved for your protection

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