Municipal Hydro-Jetting

Municipal Hydro-Jetting

Municipal Hydro-Jetting is a highly effective and beneficial method in addressing many city sewer line problems such as tree roots, dirt/sediment and especially grease and sludge build-up. In residential and commercial cleaning applications, hydro-jetters will usually operate with water pressures that can range up to 4,000 PSI with flow rates of 2-18 gallons of water per minute.

In the municipal field, hydro-jetter services operate with similar to slightly lower water pressures but with much greater gallons per minute since municipal sewer lines are usually much larger in diameter. This increase in gallons per minute is necessary in order to wash the debris down the line or to be collected and then removed via a vacuum truck.

Bio Remedies employs several different hydro-jetters including truck mounted and trailer jetters. We also utilize various cleaning "nozzles" depending on the circumstances and cleaning strategy.

Hydro-Jetters are also an invaluable tool in the "Trenchless" sewer line rehabilition and replacement services that Bio Remedies offers.