Mainline Video Inspection

Many things may obstruct your sewer line and cause you extreme inconvenience. You may be experiencing one of a number of problems with your sewer line.  With our wide array of sewer line video inspection equipment we are able to determine the cause of your drain line problems. You can see with you own eyes (viewer discretion is advised) what is causing you so many problems; Grease or Scale build up, foreign objects, roots, broken pipe or off set joints. We will be able to locate the obstruction. Let Bio Remedies give you the information you need to determine the best course of action.



Bio Remedies now offers mainline CCTV inspection to commercial, industrial, municipal industries and utility contractors. With the Aries mainline camera system we have the ability to inspect from 4 inch up to and including 200 inch diameter lines. Written reports along with DVD, SD Card or USB Flash Drive recordings are provided.