My water bill recently skyrocketed. How can I know if I have a leak?

One simple way to check is to make sure all your faucets are shut, shut your angle stops to your toilets, your dish washer and washing machine are off and if you have a pool it's not being filled (basically no water is being used). Then check your water meter. If it's spinning you either forgot to turn off something in your home or you have a leak. If your not sure our technicians at Bio Remedies will be happy to assist you in determining if you have a leak and where it is.

My water meter wont stop spinning! What are some of the most common causes for spikes in my water bill?

There can be many contributing factors to a high water bill.

  • You may have a faucet that doesn't close properly
  • If you have a auto-fill device connected to your pool you may have a crack in one of your pools pipes
  • You may also have a leak in a water line; either above ground (which would eventually have tell tale signs such as wet ceilings, walls or floors) or worse a slab leak that is leaking in/under your homes foundation
  • However the most common reason for a spike in your water bill can be found in the bathroom. Worn or misaligned parts in your toilet can cause your water bill to become rather steep.

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What can I do to extend the life of my water heater?

Draining your water heater can prolong the life of your water heater by removing sediment.

  1. Turn off the water going to your water heater.
  2. Connect a water hose to the drain on your water heater and allow it to drain.
  3. Turn the water back on to fill your water heater and allow to reheat.