Diagnostic Services


Bio Remedies offers video inspection service designed to locate and detect blockages, build-up, root intrusion and broken/separated line. The video inspection equipment we use can navigate 2" to 12" line up to 200 feet.

The equipment is used not only to diagnose drain line problems, but also is used in conjunction with our "preventive maintenance" programs.


Locating underground water leaks can be a real problem. That's where Bio Remedies comes in. With our MK5 Ground Microphone and high sensitive sensor, water leaks can be detected over greater distances and background noises

Confirmation of all locations is essential to ensure that excavation is accurately targeted. This speeds up repair of the leak, reduces costs and ensures that disruption to the water supply is limited.


The PULSAR 2000 is a directional line tracer designed to locate metallic pipes. Connect the PULSAR'S powerful transmitter to your target pipe and locate only that pipe.

Locating can be accomplished under floors, in walls and in ceilings! It does not require grounding!

ODOR DETECTION (smoke testing)

Smoke testing is the most efficient/cost effective way to locate and identify odor problems caused by "leaks" in sewer systems. Persistent odor problems are not only offensive to customers and employees, but also can result in lost business.

Smoke testing involves forcing smoke-filled air under pressure through the sewer line. If there are any areas such as cracks or holes in the plumbing system, the smoke will escape through them indicating the source of the odors. The liquid smoke that we use is 100% safe and leaves no residue.