Catch A Leak Before It Is Too Late!

Locating underground water leaks can present a real problem. Mold and mildew often thrive in damp and warm conditions like those caused by water leaks.

Unfortunately, we can't always see leaks as they're happening. That's where Bio Remedies comes in. With our powered microphones and high-sensitive sensors, water leaks can be detected and pinpointed under a slab and over greater distances.

For your residential or commercial property, there are a number of reasons why underground water leaks can occur. These reasons include:

  • Settling of foundation can cause soil to shift and place unwanted pressure on water lines.
  • Having aging or older water lines that have degraded over time.
  • Failure to maintain and service the water lines.

Confirmation of a water leak and pinpointing that leak is essential. It expedites the process of repairing the leak that is found. Additionally, catching a leak early on when it is suspected will help to greatly reduce damage and unwanted and un-needed expense. It will also ensure that disruption to the water supply is limited.

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EXPERT TIPS in detecting a possible water leak

  1. Make a practice of regularly checking in the back of cabinets and under basins for any signs of mold or foul smells that might indicate a leak.
  2. Consider having an annual inspection of your home to check for leaks or potential problems.
  3. Be especially vigilant if your home/property is over 25 years old; your plumbing system may be on the declining side of its life expectancy.
  4. Inspect all accessible connections at the water heater, pumps, washing machine hoses and valves for oxidation or discoloration - clear signs of a slow leak.
  5. If you suspect a leak anywhere in your plumbing system, give call Bio Remedies a call. We can track down the leak and fix it before it gets worse and you end up with a real mess on your hands!