When it comes to your commercial property, Bio Remedies understands that sewer and drain line backups are a major, costly headache that you would rather avoid altogether. This is why we offer a hydro-jetting for commercial properties in El Paso, TX and Tucson, AZ.

Hydro-jetting is essentially power washing for your plumbing; using concentrated pressure to blast water through your business's clogged drains and sewer lines, we effectively break away any and all debris from within your plumbing.

The jetting application is especially powerful for businesses in the food, beverage or hospitality industries. Hydro-jetting clears troublesome food oil and cooking waste, as well as fibrous or expandable food materials.

Hydro-jetting is usually the first approach we recommend to clear blocked residential pipe lines. It solves the problem almost instantaneously, without disruption or backflow. We can use jetting equipment to remove debris from pipe lines of any size, from 1-1/2" to 48" in diameter.

Preventive Maintenance Programs to Keep Pipes Flowing

Routine and regularly scheduled maintenance of your property's plumbing system can do much in preventing disruption to your business and eliminate potential plumbing problems in the future.

Our preventive maintenance programs for sewer and drain lines are much more cost effective than emergency service calls which always seen happen at the worst possible time. These maintenance programs also offer flexibility in scheduling.

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